About us


It all started when…

We met in Baltimore, where we started our health and fitness journey. We moved to Philadelphia to be close to family, and have since combined our passion for obstacle course racing and plant-based/whole food living. We started this company because we wanted to create a space and awareness around the sport we are so passionate about. We wanted to create a level of value in coaching and training we believe is necessary to reach your full potential with obstacle course racing and healthy living. The name Full Pursuit Health was born after getting through one of the roughest years of our lives together. While persevering through every obstacle life threw at us, we like to think we were in full pursuit of our happiness through traveling, racing and finding fun ways to eat healthy. We combined our real life experiences from our tenacious year to help others to do the same with their next level of health and performance. 


We offer unique, specialized endurance mud run, obstacle course training and nutrition coaching. We offer it to health and fitness conscious consumers who want unique, personalized results. Our online coaching is better than others because we work as a team/couple to provide personally handcrafted, sustainable coaching and support guaranteed to help you exceed your past performances. 


We are a company founded on the backbone of helping as many people as possible get to where they want to be and become the best versions of themselves. Our vision in starting Full Pursuit Health was to offer online services that met the goals of endurance racing and whole food living, in the hope of fulfilling the pressing need for such unique health and fitness  awareness.