Full Pursuit training programs are designed to become part of the athletes lifestyle, improve areas of weakness, and provide a well rounded programing that is targeted to your personal goals. Having personally trained in a variety of fitness disciplines, from traditional weight lifting, OCR racing, ultra running and rock climbing, our programs are able to find the most successful methods for your own personal training style and commitment level.


OBSTACLE course training

Obstacle Course Racing requires a unique combination of strength, power, endurance and speed. To be a successful athlete in this sport, you must be able to perform in a variety of conditions and through many different types of obstacles. Our OCR training programs are designed to improve on your areas of strength while also making sure to round out any areas of weakness. Through a combination of high intensity interval training, weight lifting, grip work, and endurance programming we will make sure you are prepared to dominate come race day. 



Our endurance programing is focused on improving you as an individual runner. Whether it is your first 5k, a new challenging distance, or your 50th ultra we will make sure that you are ready to conquer any terrain and distance. We focus on long term growth and ensuring that your training fits your lifestyle. By first building a strong cardio endurance base, we then will build the strength, power, and speed needed to reach that new PR.