Mallory Byrd

I have always been pretty active and love to do new things to push my fitness to the next level. Where I have always struggled was with nutrition. As a food addict who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have always turned to food as a form of therapy. Through working with Jessie I feel confident in the skills I am developing to be able to better cope and not use food as comfort. With a few setbacks because of surgeries I am finally feeling back on track and down almost 8 pounds in my first month really focusing on my nutrition. I wouldn’t have known where to begin without Jessie helping and guiding me!


Jason Deem

Over the years I've always considered myself a good athlete, however I've never really had a great grasp on my nutrition, or how it can impact my performance. Over the summer I started working with Jessie, and immediately I was impressed with her knowledge, and approachable demeanor. She has been a great resource to me for any questions I've had, and when I've followed her guidance I've certainly felt and noticed a performance boost! A great person, with a great approach towards healthy living. I 100% recommend her services!


Gwenn Case

I have trained and raced for a number of years now, and have only just realized what it means to feel strong. I accepted that I was just "not that good", that I had reached my potential as an athlete. I gassed out halfway through races. I hit a wall when most folks were just warming up. I was at a breaking point. Jessie and Steve helped me grab the reins on my destructive ride and slow down enough to learn that I needed to make a change. With Full Pursuit Health I learned that I was short changing my self on many levels, and with Jessie providing education and guidance in the rebuilding of my understanding of what I needed to survive, and then to thrive, I found something amazing. I found out what it feels like to fuel my muscles, my brain and body! I wasn't foggy anymore. I could run for more than 3 miles without cutting out. I could grow muscle. I was afraid of letting go and trusting someone else with my nutrition. Now, I know what it feels like to be full. Full of life, full of energy, full of excitement to grow and build beyond where I am today. And I can do so thanks to Jessie and Steve.


Hisako Carmichael

I know it sounds dramatic but you guys have changed my life... I would have never been the kind of girl that went to the gym... if I did I wasn't consistent. Now I enjoy it and love the way I feel. I am eating healthier and what's amazing about it is all of it is sustainable!!!!! I think for me is the personal touches you guys add... making sure that I understand that I am not going to see the results right away... part of the reason why I have not given up.